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You have entered the home of the famous French Frog, and are therefore privy to the wild musings and demented illusions of an alien being from the planetjanet netherworld. Caution, you have now slipped irretrievably down, down, down the rabbit hole where any and all illusions may be explored and explained from the depths of a severely irrational mind, and a flawed creative soul.

We are of the mind that the world has morphed into an outlandish, wildly murky, and inane vortex into the wilds. A Narrative…..one which seems to be defined by the quite obvious fact that UP is DOWN, and DOWN is UP. One in which we are all seemingly expected to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

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Fight Like Hell

Sunday morning, listening to Brian Lauritzen on KUSC, “a Joyful Noise” is the title of classical choral pieces filling two hours of inspiration which has been my “church” for the past ten years. I wish I could sit and talk with Mr. Lauritzen. Calmness seems to enshroud the man; his knowledge of the classical arts,Continue reading “Fight Like Hell”

Words Shape our World

Nominalism: the philosophical doctrine that general or abstract words do not stand for objectively existing entities and that universals are no more than names assigned to them. Compare “conceptualism”, “realism” [1830-1840’s] Webster’s College Dictionary In “Nominalism: The Engine of Lies”, journalist Kenneth LaFave in the Epoch Times explores and explains a word I hadn’t seenContinue reading “Words Shape our World”

Book Review

JULY 29 JOURNAL ENTRY: Just finished reading the fiction by Kristin Hannah titled The Four Winds. A hardscrabble account set within the period of time of the last century in America called, aptly enough, the Dust Bowl. The period just following the crash of ’29 and the Great Depression became a decade of scourge uponContinue reading “Book Review”

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