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Have been reading The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson. A well written, while yet another, piece of Churchill history which begins with England’s forced entrance into the second world war due to the fall of France in 1938 to the German armies, and the relentless scourge of Hitler’s fascist regime. As I understand it, Churchill is appointed as Prime Minister to lead the nation as it is dragged into the conflict. The book expands on various diary entries from the man’s personal circle of family as well as confidants and department heads of state. It unfolds as quite the window into private lives of such public characters of the world stage who shaped the events of the 20th century. Larson switches back and forth in chapters and sections of the book, filling in the background of the Luftwaffe management and focus as directed by Hitler as well as Goering, Hess, and others; while on the other hand, shining the light on the various personal and public emotions and thought processes of the Churchill leadership, his own thoughts during this trying time, and his daughter Mary’s entries as she comes of age in war torn England.

Larson does not mince words when it comes to the detail about the onslaught of the German army on the country sides, cities, and citizens of the Common Wealth nation. It wrenches the heart and soul of the reader, Larson’s descriptions toward the middle and end of the book, of the destruction of the air raids and heavy artillery bombings; hundreds of planes flying over civilian targets in many of the historical English cities, under cover of night. I suppose that I knew this was the case, but reading the facts in bald reality, of the deaths of 27,000 citizens and many more severely maimed, after only a year of the relentless attacks, brought me up short and I realized just how many have sacrificed in the last “turn of a century” in order for western civilization to persevere over tyranny.

This, in turn, is allowing me to understand what is at stake in this momentous “turn of a century'” election and general chaos brought about by the virus from China and the malaise of the hijacking of the Democrat party by the Marxist Left here within our very borders. Of course, this chaos has been well planned and the workings of the communist party organizations like Freedom Road and others within our country have been insidiously putting the pieces of this puzzle together for about 100 years now, since the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the pernicious ideology of Karl Marx as well as Lenin. Only now, the players have changed, in our 21st century political climate. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been actively attempting a coup and takeover via many avenues, of America, since they took over governing in the largest populated country in the world, China, 60 years ago.

For more information on the Communist coup via many “small cuts” over this long period of time, go to any platform to hear Trevor Loudon interviewed or read his book, White House Reds, or watch his DVD, Enemies Within.

We face, at this point in time, the decision to fight for America or to fold and acquiesce to the tyranny and overthrow within our borders by the Marxist Left which has infiltrated our academia, our justice system, our state and federal legislatures, our entertainment and information industries. This fight appears to be headed to our legal system and is shaping up to be a civil war in the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court, and from there the House of Representatives. Stay tuned……

Afterword: March 2021. Sadly, we now see that the Supreme Court has shrunk away from its’ sworn responsibility to oversee and adjudicate the most pressing issues of our time, our freedom of speech, as primarily manifest in our responsibility and right to freely and fairly vote for those who would lead us.

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