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December 7, 2020 Pearl Harbor Day

Since we have no real history in our schools these days, I fear that anyone under the age of 40 may not know what Pearl Harbor Day commemorates. It was 79 years ago today that Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor in Honolulu Hawaii where our navy ships were anchored. The attack destroyed several of our carriers, killing thousands of our military men and women. Though Winston Churchill had been pressing President Roosevelt to engage in the war with Germany and Japan, WW11, which had been raging since 1938 or ’39, since 1940, it took Pearl Harbor to finally awaken the sleeping US giant. We were hesitant after WW1, and our attitude was one of “isolation”. America and the world were experiencing a very volatile Turn of a Century at this time. Two world wars and the worst depression in our history.

This brings me to the existential crisis in which we seem to be completely engulfed. We are living in chaos in every corner of our culture and our political systems, and our medical communities. Our educational system is a mess. Full of the kind of indoctrination over the past 30 years which has given us an entire generation of young people who do not know history, nor have any respect for this country and what it stands for. Anyone under 40 probably has no idea of the power of President Roosevelt’s speech and the famous words: “This day will go down in history as a day of infamy”. Nor these: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Prescient words, given the emotion most stirred in this current panic, where the words “stay safe” are ubiquitous and keep the state of fear-mongering rampant in our young people, who, along with not learning history, have been taught to run to their “safe spaces” on all of their college campuses at any hint of fear or dis-ease. And yes, we are waging a war. A war that has been waged on our soil for the past 100 years. Against an ideology which began about then, with the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Communist ideology of Marx and Lenin is alive in many countries today, but the most recent take over was 60 years ago in China, Maoist Communism. It is the Chinese Communist Party of today which is virulently active in five or six organizations within our borders. Recently, I have been listening to Mr. Trevor Loudon (his book: White House Reds) on several platforms and heard him live this past Saturday. He is touring the USA in an effort to spread the word of how far infiltrated the CCP has imbedded itself into our Congress, our colleges and universities, and now out in our communities under the auspices of Black Lives Matter. BLM is the offshoot of an older Communist organization called Freedom Road, a very active group which has grown exponentially in the last 10-20 years since our campuses are incubating socialist (communist) apostles, and denigrating capitalism as well as belief in God. Socialism’s (Communism’s) god is Government. And it’s control over it’s masses.

More later……..

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