Constitutional Cowards

March 2, 2021 Disclaimer: election integrity (oh my!) referred to in this article…..

Thoughts on the article written by Michael Walsh in the Epoch Times. Is it just me or is the Chief Justice and his team rendering the highest court in our land a useless exercise in pompous elitism? When I read the return decision from the court back in December, refusing to consider the state of Texas Governor’s case regarding election irregularity issues, I was aghast. The case was backed by 16 other states, and concerned members of Congress. The Epoch Times article back then printed a quote from a courthouse clerk who had overheard the justices down the hall in a raucous shouting match deliberating whether or not they would hear the case. The quote from Chief Justice Roberts went something like this: (I am paraphrasing) What the hell are we going to do when they riot in the streets? or something along that utterly insane line. Why a justice would be considering something completely out of his jurisdiction smacks of a bribe or buy off. The Justices’ only duty is to honor the oath taken to uphold the Constitution. Street riots fall into the purview of the National Guard or the local law enforcement. Not the highest court of the land.

Now, after the stolen horse has left the barn so to speak, cases full of election irregularities have been offered for consideration by Sidney Powell and Lin Wood regarding Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Again, all four of the cases were turned down. The Supreme Court refuses to hear them.

I know. I’m supposed to let all of this go. The election over. Biden won. Move on. Even if I roll over and allow what I term as a “digital coup” of our election process, and accept the fact that freedom of speech, epitomized by free and fair elections, no longer exists in this former America; even then, I and 75-80M other citizens know now that there will never be a free and fair election ever again in my former free country. We will be muzzled, and the censorship began the day after the electoral college met in Washington DC . But it started with the 2020 elections. It started when policy was made outside of the state legislatures by election officials and Secretary of States’ decisions and policy calls to allow national mail in ballot process supported by all the states. States decide the rules surrounding election process.

Getting back to the Constitution and the Supreme Court. They are the only arm of our three distinct functioning bodies of our government that are the deciding body on any and all national election irregularities, fraud, and foreign government intervention. With Roberts’ mad ravings behind closed doors, his blatant disregard for his obligation to hear and rule on these matters out of sheer cowardice, is an outrage and a disgrace to his office. It is a slap in the face to America’s citizens. It is a lie, a coverup. And a muzzling of the free speech of millions of all of us. Remember, those who voted for either presidential candidate were not heard. Any fraud or illegal process in any state affects each voter’s voice in a National election.

If we, the highest court in our land, will not stand up for justice and free and fair elections, then this Republic no longer exists. There will never be faith in the freedom of speech exemplified by one person, one vote. The election process going forward will never reflect our former voice in electing our representatives.

It has already happened in my state. Elections mean nothing and we have become a one party state. If this last 2020 election stands without question, we will have a one party nation. And that smacks of a totalitarian nation. We are no longer the America we were before January 20, 2021. Censorship and the erosion of rule of law will affect us one and all. If Big Tech can cancel the President of the US….they can cancel you and I. We are no longer free. We can no longer speak. And we no longer have the back of the Supreme Court of the formerly United States.

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