Simply Human

Disclaimer: thoughts will be explored surrounding the masking of our entire healthy society in public places

The sales associate in one of my long standing favorite retailers whisked by me yesterday, noticing that my American flag bandana was not fully pulled up covering my nose and mouth…when she was ten feet away, in another aisle, she turned and shouted at me to put my mask on. Gastapo like command, not endearing me, not even thinking of making me comfortable as a customer, which I have been for maybe thirty years or more. Alienating and what? I only know I am extremely uncomfortable, and angry at the approach. She has no idea how this affects me, as a human being and as a customer.

This morning, I awoke, wondering how we have come to this. This dehumanization of each other. If the associate would have stopped, said good afternoon, and then politely explained the company policy; asked me professionally with compassion to comply with that policy, the exchange would have been beneficial, the request taken with far less animosity. It occurs to me that employees have taken on the dreaded badge of victimhood which pervades our culture now, and the victim has turned me, the customer, into the outlaw. I am no longer the customer. I am defying the safe space of the corporate employee. I remember when satisfying the customer was the end game of retail, in the spirit of competition if for no other reason.

That was when I was Customer Service Manager of the wholesale division of a large boating company. We would do anything and everything we could to satisfy our customers, sparing no expense. We were considered the sales persons after the fact in my mind. This is probably why I look at the rudeness, the rawness now displayed in some retail stores when associates are “interacting” with the customer, as highly unprofessional. They seem not to be concerned however.

Getting back to my experience yesterday, I also realized this morning that it is I, that it is my responsibility, to be the humanizer in these instances….that I must bring the humanity back when confronted. It also occurred to me that the gaping hole out there in public exchanges seems to come back to our slide gradually, yet now glaringly, into a secular progressive ideology which has taken over our culture in force. And has grown exponentially with the so called pandemic, the virus from China, with which our population seems obsessed.

Getting back to masks. It is as if us all wearing masks will make us more healthy. As if all of the mandates from on high will instill a health consciousness in our population such that no one, ever, will get ill again. And only a vaccination will cure us of this pervasive, evil pall of viral invasion we are fighting every day. We have become, I believe, our own worst enemy.

Am I the only one who sees life spiraling down around me? Going about “out there” and seeing folks, ordinary folks, walking around skulking behind some mask, looking for all the world like we are all on hospital wards….looking like we are all ill. As for myself, it makes me feel ill at ease. It makes me feel unhealthy, this hiding ourselves behind the mask. This mistrust of each other. This false responsibility we are burdened with. If we all wear masks, we will promote the good health of others?

All I can see, a full year into this “emergency crisis”, is that until and if we can ever get back to trusting the usual herd immunity that comes with all the other viruses we fight every day, every year…..and until we get back to individual personal hygiene responsibility, we will never become a cohesive society again. ( of course, I am aware that there is a vulnerable population in our communities that we must protect. I just think that can be done, as it has been in Florida, without dehumanizing an entire healthy population.)

The other realization I made this morning is that the obsession with government instruction and the “safety” we require from this particular corona (cold) virus has replaced our belief, our faith, in God, whatever you may call that energy which is greater than us. Which is greater than we mere humans. We have become so narcissistic that we cannot see beyond our own weak humanity. And now we feel content to live our lives in the shackles of government mandate, of government legalize. Mistrusting our own simple humanity towards each other. Bullying and gruffly ordering our customers, our neighbors, into submission to the “narrative”. And if we don’t comply, demonizing us into submission.

Which brings me to the subject of Amazon, and Jeff Bezos as Big Brother…..playing the god which our culture has denied…..we now honor only the device and what it tells us. And for now, it tells us that some books will be banned. More later…..

Tell me your reaction to the masks, the limits to our freedom….to being simply human.

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An artistic soul wandering aimlessly and miraculously through the confines of earthspace, in a desperate attempt to reshape reality into a version of the wonderland of my imagination. Only glimpses come in to focus as I tend to the garden and commune with the flora and fauna, in awe of the graciousness and expansion of the world beyond our grasp. Deeply intrigued by the endless worlds within the soul and spirit of we mere humans.

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