The Anne Frank Connection

Hello All! I was just reading an article in the Epoch Times Opinion pages which struck me as being quite timely indeed. If you are under the age of 50 you may not even know the story of the young 13yr old girl made famous by her written diaries while in hiding in an annex behind her father’s office in Amsterdam. I have the diary originally translated and edited and published in America 1967 and again in 1993. I quoted from it and used it as an inspirational tool with our 13yr old eighth grade girls whom I mentored up until the virus shut schools down, through a program called the Ophelia Project. It was very relevant to this age group. The article, by Linda Wiegenfeld, prints a couple of poignant quotes, one of which is: “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy”. This, written by a young lady forced into hiding for her cultural and religious beliefs and persecuted to the point of death in one of the internment camps of the Holocaust .

Notes of inspiration are sprinkled throughout the diary. Ms Frank thought of herself as a writer, and sought to encourage and inspire with her writing. She seemed to have an endless hope. Here is another quote from the article: “It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

Apparently, there are two new books out highlighting the young girl’s life. One is a children’s book called “I Am Anne Frank” by Brad Meltzer, in which Anne’s predicament and her response to it are treated in a way that young people may relate to. I would think that it would be an excellent tool for instilling courage and hope in the face of adversity for our elementary school age children. They, after all, are being immersed in an inordinate amount of adversity in this past year.

The second new publication is called “The Lost Diary of Anne Frank” by Johnny Teague, wherein the author fleshes out a fictitious ending to the diary based on research and input from survivors and writings of her father, Otto Frank. I imagine this would be an interesting take, maybe shedding more light on her intent and purpose in writing down her experiences, her reflections.

I am excited that the very short and emotionally moving life of Anne Frank, written during the monumentally brutal reign of Hitler and the desecration of 6 million Jews in Europe, will rekindle the minds and hearts of another whole generation of folks, young and old alike. In these times of unrest and chaos and political shenanigans of which we have not seen the likes in the history of this country, my hopes are hanging on the shining star of optimism, peace, and determination in the face of an adversity which appears to many of us as a defeat, no, an actual death of the freedoms and responsibilities and rights which we the citizens of these United States of America inherited from our founders and all those who fought bravely to keep this Republic.

I believe that we are in the throws of a tyranny unlike anything which this country has confronted. Even that time frame of the Civil War. The decline of rule of law and the censorship of speech, the banning of books by Amazon and other publishers due to the burgeoning idea of ‘cancel culture’; all of the pillars of our freedoms here in this nation are under attack by the Left which has inculcated our institutions over the last 40-50 years. And the indoctrinated young people are now our leaders, our CEOs, our professors, our Justices and AGs. We are being ruled by those who wish to “fundamentally transform our nation”. And they have now taken over our federal government, making national policy which affects all of our lives. Maybe I am exaggerating. I think not.

I am, however, hanging onto the the optimistic hope reflected in the writings of a young Jewish girl who died in a camp called Belsen in 1945, just before the German defeat in May of that year.

Let me know what your thoughts are…..more later

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