” Accusing someone of racism…..

…….is the last resort of an exhausted mind”. quote from Arizona Attorney Brnovich.

The headline in this past weekend’s Epoch Times reads: Amazon Bans Books for Undefined ‘Hate Speech’. The article was highlighted with a picture of a larger-than- life Jeff Bezos looking down from the stage, playing every bit the part of Big Brother from the book 1984 written in the 1930s by George Orwell. I have written about this book before, in my suggestion to watch the movie Network, a classic from 1975, which so aptly depicts how our lives in the late 20th and now most decidedly in the 21st century, and how we are dictated to by the Media in all of it’s forms, but most particularly by the internet delivered on our many devices 24/7.

Not long after this Orwellian proclamation, someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to get rid of all of the Dr. Seuss children’s books, which somehow have become offensive and the dreaded word of the year, racist.

Books. Weren’t they, the written word, the focus of the draconian totalitarian world of Aldous Huxley? Or am I remembering the burning of books in the bizarre epic The Handmaid’s Tale? Now that the written, or rather shouted, word has become endless tweets and twitters, rants and raves….a short sound byte society barking at each other, no one is listening. No one hearing. No one discussing. Policy being made, laws are the only things that have reached epic voluminous proportions. And no one, not even the legislative body creating them, reads them.

So now, Bezos, the Big Tech mega giant, gets into the act, offline and on, deciding arbitrarily what ‘Hate Speech’ will be, with no defined clarity of how it will be ascertained. He is one of the few chosen elites, the pillars of the 21st Century’s Brave New World, only now we have a new coinage for it. The Great Reset. Big Tech, Big Corporations, and Big Government have all set forth the Manifesto for the One World they envision. They will dictate the terms and tell us what the narrative will be….what we can say and we can think, what we can write, and what we will say out loud.

We seem to have slipped, over the past horrendous year of living in fear, into the C.S. Lewis fantasy world, only it has shaped up to be a far cry from Alice in Wonderland. Alice is falling, falling, falling, down the rabbit hole alright, and there is no end in sight. The Mad Hatter Tea Party is in full swing as it descends along with her down, down, down into ……..

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An artistic soul wandering aimlessly and miraculously through the confines of earthspace, in a desperate attempt to reshape reality into a version of the wonderland of my imagination. Only glimpses come in to focus as I tend to the garden and commune with the flora and fauna, in awe of the graciousness and expansion of the world beyond our grasp. Deeply intrigued by the endless worlds within the soul and spirit of we mere humans.

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