Fight Like Hell

Sunday morning, listening to Brian Lauritzen on KUSC, “a Joyful Noise” is the title of classical choral pieces filling two hours of inspiration which has been my “church” for the past ten years. I wish I could sit and talk with Mr. Lauritzen. Calmness seems to enshroud the man; his knowledge of the classical arts,Continue reading “Fight Like Hell”

Words Shape our World

Nominalism: the philosophical doctrine that general or abstract words do not stand for objectively existing entities and that universals are no more than names assigned to them. Compare “conceptualism”, “realism” [1830-1840’s] Webster’s College Dictionary In “Nominalism: The Engine of Lies”, journalist Kenneth LaFave in the Epoch Times explores and explains a word I hadn’t seenContinue reading “Words Shape our World”

Book Review

JULY 29 JOURNAL ENTRY: Just finished reading the fiction by Kristin Hannah titled The Four Winds. A hardscrabble account set within the period of time of the last century in America called, aptly enough, the Dust Bowl. The period just following the crash of ’29 and the Great Depression became a decade of scourge uponContinue reading “Book Review”

Book Review

Just finished reading a book I started maybe four or five months ago. I love this author and have read several of her books. She is one who is consistently descriptive in such a way that creates a vision, produces a movie of the story in writing on the page. This movie was, in particular,Continue reading “Book Review”

The Three Letter Word

Feeling the need to expound on the Three Letter Word. The verboten word, stricken from the politically correct language, gradually allowing its usage to fade and finally, in this the second decade of the 21st century, to all but disappear from common every day language. Some younger folks whom I assail with the once welcomedContinue reading “The Three Letter Word”


July 9, 2021 Maybe the fact I am fighting all of this is making my head explode. Lord, I pray You will guide me in this, the most depressive time since the world ground to a miserable halt. Now, as this time has progressed into nineteen months, I see that if I do not playContinue reading “Realizations”

America: the Last Stand?

At the risk of sounding corny. God bless America. This weekend marks the celebration of July 4th, 1776, our founding day of Independence from the British crown here in the new frontier called America. A free country ensconced in Liberty and individual freedom and responsibility attached to that freedom. A new concept of Western thought;Continue reading “America: the Last Stand?”

Ignoring God

Yesterday, while listening to talk radio, David Webb brought Dr. Ben Carson on air with him to discuss the fact that there would be no “official observation” by the powers that be in Washington DC, of the 70 year old tradition of the National Day of Prayer. I should not have been shocked. The factContinue reading “Ignoring God”


We have reached the point of no return here in America. NO longer are we the great nation, the United States of America. We are now subjecting ourselves and bowing to the Orwellian segregation which Jews of all ethnic persuasions experienced in the last century. 6 million of them and more. And that is onlyContinue reading “reality”


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